The Technology Accessibility Program currently offers instructional courses for further learning.

  • Accessibility in Instruction: Enhancing Inclusion for Learners
    Join us to explore why accessibility matters, how Universal Design strategies intersect with accessibility, and to learn some ways to make your documents, discussions, presentations, and Canvas sites more inclusive!
  • Introduction to Captioning: Make your videos more accessible and get your audience more engaged with captions
    In this session, we’ll introduce the value of accurate captions for accessibility and engagement, define some terminology for captioning, discuss best practices and tips, and provide a quick survey of some campus tools that can be used to create and refine your own captions. We’ll share how to use scripts and auto-captioning as foundations for your captions and finish the session with a demonstration of how to produce accurate captions using the auto-captioning and correction features in a few available tools.

To request targeted departmental learning opportunities related to Technology Accessibility, please reach out to