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Logo with "Technology Accessibility Program" written around central TAP

Wake Forest has launched new efforts to make campus technology and digital content more accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities. With the establishment of a new Technology Accessibility Program, efforts are underway to raise awareness, to create and offer resources for campus members, and to give guidance to our community about how best to add technology accessibility to their roles on campus.

The Accessible Content Working Group is creating simple resources to introduce technology accessibility concepts on campus. Check out the cards introducing Alt Text and Color Contrast below:

Mona Lisa painting with 3 hover-over style text blocks, one showing an image file name and a red X, one showing a green check and text stating "The Mona Lisa painting" and one showing 2 green checks stating "The Mona Lisa - painting of a seated woman faintly smiling.
A red stripe next to the word BAD on a poorly contrasting background, yellow stripe next to the word BETTER on a better contrasting background, green stripe next to the word BEST in high contrast to its white background.

Go to the Accessible Content Working Group page to view these resources and find out more! We have also published our official technology accessibility glossary that helps define some of the most common terms in the technology accessibility space! We will be adding additional terms over time, so please reach out to us if you have suggestions on additional terms that should also be included!

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Accessibility of technology and digital content is an ongoing process, and we’re always open to learning about new ideas or ways to improve how we’re doing. Report accessibility challenges encountered on this page or send us general feedback.

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