The Accessible Content Working Group and the Technology Accessibility Program (TAP) wish to congratulate everyone who participated in our first year of the Web Accessibility Challenge! All of the participants enthusiastically engaged in efforts to make their digital content more accessible and inclusive. We thank all of the participants for being allies for digital accessibility!

Wake Forest University Champions

Overall champions

  • Most improved auto-check error counts for the small-to-medium website category: the Office of Personal and Career Development website. Austin Wechter enrolled the site in the challenge and partnered with us for the event.
  • Most improved auto-check error counts for the large website category: the School of Business website. Greg Brunick enrolled the site in the challenge and partnered with us for the event.


  • Most enhancements to alt text, headings, and color contrast: the Women’s Center, enrolled in the challenge by Erin Adamson
  • Most engagement time with technology accessibility support staff: the LGBTQ+ Center, enrolled in the challenge by Kayla Lisenby-Denson
  • Largest number of areas of accessibility engagement: Facilities & Campus Services, enrolled in the challenge by Whitney Barker

Congratulations and thank you to all of our Wake Forest University participants for your commitment to accessibility! We look forward to next year’s Web Accessibility Challenge!

NC School Web Accessibility Challenge Champions

An annual event at NC State University, this was the first year NCSU invited a number of other North Carolina colleges and universities to join the challenge. Participating schools included: Wake Forest University, UNC Asheville, Appalachian State, North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, and NC State University. Each of these schools continues to show their dedication to creating an inclusive and accessible digital environment through their participation in the Web Accessibility Challenge.
We are pleased to announce that Wake Forest University was the overall school champion for the most improvement in accessibility errors per page (>500 pages). The full list of overall school awards is below.

School Awards

  • Most improvement of accessibility errors per page (>500 pages): Wake Forest University
  • Greatest percent of accessibility errors eliminated (>1000 pages): UNC Asheville
  • Largest number of new sites participating: Appalachian State
  • Most errors eliminated (>1000 pages): North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
  • Most sites with 0 accessibility errors: NC State University