Information Systems (IS) and its Technology Accessibility Team are excited to offer Wake Forest faculty members the Course Caption Grant. This grant provides an opportunity to have your course videos proactively professionally captioned, making them more inclusive for all students.

Grant applications are processed on an ongoing basis until funds are depleted. Apply now!

What media is eligible?

What factors are considered for awarding the grant?

Note: if captions are requested as an accommodation to support a student registered for accommodations through the CLASS office, information will be shared with CLASS so they can offer the faculty member support through the standard accommodation process.

We encourage all faculty to apply, even if unsure if their media is a strong candidate!

Does the grant cover all captioning needs?

This is the first year of the grant, and funds are limited. The goal is to strategically support faculty in creating accessible content, prioritizing media where proactive captioning can significantly benefit a course.

Providing accessible content is the responsibility of everyone making or sharing content, and is most efficiently done at the time of content creation! Ensuring course content meets the needs of students remains the responsibility of faculty and their department, with appropriate support from the CLASS.

Faculty are encouraged to find course videos with accurate captions whenever possible.

We acknowledge that finding accessible media or creating timely proactive captions may not always be feasible. The Course Caption Grant is intended to assist in these situations.

Application process:

  1. Complete the Course Caption Grant request.
  2. The faculty member will be contacted with further information within 3-5 business days. (If the video/audio will be used in a course within a week of application please note that when submitting.)
  3. If approved, your accurate and human-generated captions will be delivered back to you in a timely fashion, ready to be shared with your students!

We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable grant and make your courses more inclusive for all students!

IS Technology Accessibility Team: