NoMouse Challenge – February 12 – 18, 2024

A keyboard and browser window happily hold hands with an a11y symbol, hearts, and a QR code in a heart above them

What is the #NoMouse Challenge?

The #NoMouse Challenge promotes awareness around accessible web design, encouraging everyone to explore the keyboard accessibility of websites they frequent by navigating without using a mouse or trackpad.

Wake Forest joins this global challenge and encourages all faculty, staff, and students to take 10 minutes out of their day from February 12th to the 18th to participate.

To receive info on this and future events, please visit the Technology Accessibility Google Group, click “Ask to join group,” and submit your request.

What is Technology Accessibility?

The ongoing work of technology or digital accessibility strives to give all users, including those with disabilities, great and accessible experiences when using digital tools. Websites that support equitable navigation using a keyboard have an important component of good web accessibility in place.

Our #NoMouse Challenge encourages all users to test keyboard navigation of websites they frequent, such as favorite retailers, media sites, and others.

Join the Challenge!

Come to our in-person event

Join us from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Valentine’s Day, Wednesday 2/14, in the Tribble Courtyard for our in-person NoMouse competition! Compete with others to see who can perform specific navigation actions the fastest. Win a challenge and spin the wheel for additional prizes or be entered into a drawing to win the grand prize, a $50 Target gift card.

Virtual event

Can’t be there in person? You can also join the #NoMouse Challenge virtually!

  • February 12th-18th: Explore keyboard accessibility and win prizes! Choose your favorite or most frequented websites, or your own site, and try to navigate them using only your keyboard. No mouse, no trackpad. Reflect on your experiences via our NoMouse Google Form. You can submit the form up to 3 times for 9 entries for a chance to win up to a $50 gift card and fun swag!
  • Thursday, February 15 from 9:30-10:30 am: Set aside your mouse and bring your coffee! Join the Valentine’s Day #NoMouse Challenge Zoom Coffee Chat for demos and opportunities to share your experiences.

Helpful hints

If this is your first time navigating with only a keyboard, here are some tips to consider.

What to expect when navigating with a keyboard

Keyboard shortcuts

Mac Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Note: the function of these may vary depending on user settings and web design!

Shortcuts for Digital Meeting spaces

Did you know that you can do a lot with keyboard shortcuts in Zoom and Google Meet? Try them out in your next virtual class or meeting!

NoMouse Challenge 2024 Made Possible By:

Student Technology Advisory Committee

STAC chair: Kayla James

Accessible Content Working Group

IS Technology Accessibility Team

Jonathan Milam and Eudora Struble

Special thanks to Emily Gregg, IS Digital Media Specialist, for her graphic design expertise.

NoMouse and resources are adapted from, a project of The DO-IT Center at the University of Washington, and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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