Congratulations and thank you to the following groups for helping Wake make our websites more accessible!

  • ZSR Library
  • RIDE office
  • Wake Forest Scholars Program
  • Institutional Research
  • Center for Global Programs & Studies
  • Space Information in Facilities and Campus Services
  • Online Education
  • Information Systems

Collectively we committed to removing, transferring to new formats, or remediating 576 PDFs to make our web environment more inclusive and accessible for our community.

Award winners for the 2022 Makeover are:

  • DIY Skill Builder Award (for bringing a new but devoted remodeler to the work)
    • Global Programs
  • Best Remodeling Plan (for the most detailed plan for removing and reformatting PDFs)
    • A tie! ZSR and RIDE
  • Best Creative Redesign Award (for the most inventive reimagining of a PDF)
    • Wake Forest Scholars Program
  • Best Demolition Award (for the most PDFs removed during the challenge) 
    • Institutional Research

Participants in the Extreme Makeover: PDF Edition are encouraged to display the associated digital badge below:

Extreme Makeover PDF Edition and Technology Accessibility (a11y) 2022 over a circle of gold paint with a paint roller

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